Mindaugas Stanelis: Innovations in bookmaking you can use right now

Kazakhstan Gaming Congress was created specially to find such tools and techniques. We are therefore pleased to announce that guru of betting business - president of Betgames.TV, a board member of Superloto, head of the Expert Council of the Baltic Association of Bookmakers Mindaugas Stanelis will speak at the conference.

Speaker has been involved into gaming business for over 15 years – one can only envy such experience. At the beginning of his career in the gambling industry Stanelis headed bookmaking company Omnibet,  and now he is for over 6 years working on development of betting TV games.

To take punch and keep abreast of gambling industry trends, Speaker has been a regular participant of gambling and entertainment exhibitions around the world for more than 10 years and is constantly working in appropriate information field, finding new ideas for work.

At Kazakhstan Gaming Congress Stanelis will speak on innovations in betting games and will share interesting case studies and techniques we had acquired during his long career in gaming industry.

Participants of Kazakhstan Gaming Congress will be the first to learn  about new betting industry strategies.

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