Ishay Tentser, Initech CEO, and Kevin Williams, KWP founder, joined speakers of VR-AR Gambling Conference

VR/AR Gambling Conference 

Kevin Williams is a founder of KWP Limited focusing on the market analysis, innovation implementation consulting, technology evaluation and services management, including design, development and marketing. He is a coauthor of the book called The Out-of-Home Interactive Entertainment Frontier, author of articles for such publications as Vending Times, Tourist Attractions & Parks, InterGame/InterFun, and RePlay Magazine, as well as keeps a column for VR Focus information portal. Kevin is also a publisher and owns The Stinger Report news resource.   

He is a chairman of the new Digital Out-of-Home Entertainment Network Association (DNA) aimed at offering and supporting new initiatives for the industry development.    

On April 3, Williams will come to Prague in order to speak at the Business section on the topic: Mixed realities gaming's technology jackpot.     

Ishay Tentser is CEO at Initech, has more than 10 years of successful career as a co-founder of startups, expert in networking and manager. High professionalism has allowed him to hold a position of CEO at IniTech. Besides managing a large company, Ishay actively participates in several mentorship programs hosted by leading Israeli incubators, consults beginning entrepreneurs on technologies and cooperation with users.       

Ishay Tentser will speak at VR/AR Gambling Conference in the Developer section with the presentation: Personalization via chatbots brings more leads and better gaming experience.   

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