ESPORTconf Poland 2017: eSports, video games, VR, betting and many other things!

eSPORTconf Poland 2017

When compared to previous eSports conferences, organized by Smile-Expo in capitals of Russia and Ukraine, this event will be characterized by a greater number of relevant eSports topics. Besides that, experts will discuss other innovation trends related to video games and various ways of capitalizing them.

The keynote conference speaker will be Mario Valle – former director for business development in emerging markets at Electronic Arts, a video game corporation, and co-founder at Altered Ventures, an investment fund. Expert will focus his attention on VR/AR games, financed by his fund. 

The topic of virtual reality technologies will be further developed by Dimitri Mikhalchuk, CEO at Teslasuit Ltd – a project engaged in the creation of a suit for haptic interaction in virtual reality. 

Event will also feature Teddy Florea – director of business development at Nordic Game and head advisor at Global Game Confederation (GMGC). From his presentation visitors will learn interesting facts about video game industry in general and computer game publishing in particular.

CEO at eSports organization Anima Unity, Pavel Kovalenko, will share experience of finding, teaching and promoting of young eSportsmen. Legal aspects of IT/IP sphere will be highlighted by Iurii Dokiichuk, lawyer at Legal IT Group. 

Representatives of UltraPlay will also present reports at the conference: Mario Ovcharov, chief marketing officer, and Krasimir Kostov, sales executive. Betting theme will be continued by Dias Ismailov, founder of CybBet.Com, aneSports company.

At eSPORTconf Poland 2017 you will be able to: 

  • learn more about eSports industry and its development prospects;
  • obtain up-to-date industry data from leading specialists;
  • establish useful business contacts with partners and investors;
  • personally meet with representatives of major eSports and video game organizations from all over the world. 

You can buy a ticket here. 

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