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Review of Popular Casino and Sportsbook Affiliate Platforms

Updated 29.03.2021

It is hard to underestimate the power of affiliate marketing in the modern digital environment. The online gambling industry benefits particularly hugely from this advertising method. But to receive maximum from affiliate promotion, a casino manager must find an efficient network to join and reliable partners to cooperate with.

Casino and sportsbook affiliate platforms: networks

The Smart Money professional guide company regularly conduct thorough market analyses to filter the top-tier affiliate networks and propose their services to clients. We care about the popularity of your gambling establishments since it directly influences the estimated profit.

Order elaborate marketing assistance from Smart Money to ensure you work with the finest affiliates in the region.


It is an incredibly attractive organisation operating in the Asian sector. The proficiency of partners provides a beneficial impact on iGaming managers.

Accurate network tools allow casino administrators to choose favoured accomplices sifting by:

  • GEO;
  • type of gambling activities;
  • compensation kinds;
  • the quantity of brought leads, and others.

AffPapa proposes its customers:

  • a multi-directional activity focused on useful collaboration with affiliate associates;
  • the close interaction of the two sides in bringing profit with the help of sophisticated popularisation methods;
  • experienced iGaming partners that have practical experience in a niche-based way of drawing in a targeted audience;
  • assured advancement of the brand in a specific region thanks to elaborated advertising possibilities;
  • regular propositions updates for beneficial coordinating of operators with affiliates.


This partnership network has been a prominent trustworthy platform in the United Kingdom. The website has also been widely known in the United States in recent years. Numerous confirmed iGaming brands across the two fundamental business environments found it extremely beneficial to work with Bojoko.

Vital notions about the organisation cover:

  • no enlistment instalments are needed for gambling club or wagering site administrators;
  • the network attempted to accomplish the most precise link between associates and gaming platforms managers;
  • effective feedback forms make it possible to leave reviews on participation in the program for other clients;
  • brand awareness among target audiences turns into an indispensable idea for partners while finding new customers;
  • detailed filters cut the searching time for the necessary affiliate substantially.


More than 10 years of operation bring significant progress to the popular organisation. AskGamblers is a conventional survey-based website with a gigantic customer base. Casino administrators and sportsbook owners gladly utilise the platform services and motivate players to review their client experience. Different evaluations and prizes for high quality make the fight for top ratings especially energising.

AskGamblers is a remarkable partner website with:

  • impressive bonuses for effective and impartial assessment of iGaming platforms;
  • several openings for new owners of casino or betting businesses to ensure the popularity of their venues;
  • more than 80,000 members, including both affiliates and gambling operators;
  • active conversations on blogs and different platforms about the key advancements of the gaming industry;
  • thousands of opportunities to become a participant of compelling loyalties for bookmakers and gambling club administrators.

Affiliate Future

Administrators of sportsbook portals and gambling clubs have a chance to get unique branding instruments for beneficial partner advancement. The AF’s organisation marks high natural traffic rates that appeal to all iGaming operators.

A few million conversions happen with the assistance of the organisation’s help. Almost a thousand partners display their advertising possibilities on Affiliate Future. No wonder it is among the most well-known brands around the world.

The aspiration to work with the company is derived from:

  • an effective execution-based scheme that eradicates possible risks for administrators regarding the project advancement;
  • bonding collaboration at achieving positive ROI for affiliates and iGaming managers;
  • a broad variety of accessible projects to coordinate with the requests of the intended interest group for specific sites;
  • comfortable choice of the format to match the best advertising strategy relying on the operational area;
  • multifunctional panel for monitoring conversions and increasing the number of forwards to gambling or sportsbook portals.

Gambling Portal Webmaster Association

The conspicuous partner services supplier began its activity in 2001. The company proposes capable answers for helping the iGaming operators in expanding their traffic rates. The global idea of affiliation makes it possible for betting sites and online casinos to participate in the portal’s activities and upgrade their association with partners. The organisation enrols over 15,000 members and counting.

Customers’ opportunities for joining the network comprise:

  • the ability to enhance entrepreneurship with associates;
  • collaboration with prominent owners of popular gaming resources;
  • unique entrance possibilities to relevant discoursed on active iGaming themes;
  • one of the various membership plans to obtain progressive advancement paths;
  • commonly useful collaborations with various members of the iGaming circle.

Affiliate Guard Dog

With right around two decades of fruitful experience, the organisation is viewed as a trailblazer in partnership marketing. Affiliate Guard Dog went through years moulding an advantageous iGaming environment with proficient partners and appreciative customers. Also, the company’s ability to manage legalisation issues builds its worth as a solid guide in the online gambling circle.

Fundamental operational aspects about Affiliate Guard Dog:

  • supplying natural traffic from affiliate portals to gambling clubs and bookmakers’ platforms;
  • ensuring that all members of partner networks aid in the creation of a secured environment;
  • providing individual legalisation to promoting schemes with the consideration of affiliate partnership;
  • selecting an abundance of portal owners whose cooperating conditions suit new casino owners the best;
  • constantly renewing discussion boards with themed discourses of gambling specialists.

Slots Calendar

This remarkable affiliate member analyses the newest entertainment content on iGaming resources and gives rundowns on their primary gameplay features. After enrolment, Slots Calendar expects operators to specify their latest games and then tests them with the consideration of these notions:

  1. Entertainment manufacturer.
  2. RTP and house edge.
  3. Formation of winning lines.
  4. Volatility.
  5. Compliance with local regulations

Internet casino users consider this resource especially useful. It proposes an accurate gameplay investigation, the most straightforward approach to get extra in-game credits, and explains why it is worth playing.

Slots Calendar is essential for administrators because:

  • it facilitates platform promotion, popularises amusement content, and increases brand awareness;
  • operators can place the forthcoming additions in the particular schedule for the shortlist;
  • the system can bring to gamblers the issue time to ensure they enrol into the gameplay instantly with the release;
  • the order of different advertising assets directly from the network improves the acquisition levels significantly;
  • additional feedback on the recently launched content can bring an extra amount of casino or sportsbook users.

Better Collective

With the primary spotlight on the sportsbook movement, this partner-based resource is preoccupied with affiliate activity. Better Collective defines an objective of guaranteeing clear and genuine promotion for its members. Although sports wagering is the main direction of the platform, casino amusement is another demanded course for the brand’s partners to propose their advertising solutions.

Better Collective is especially requested for:

  • the organisation’s global experience in the iGaming industry;
  • a remarkable atmosphere of the work that is settled by clients;
  • the unique behaviour of operation on the platform that defines the collaboration of affiliates and iGaming administrators;
  • an assortment of separately planned media channels for effective enhancement of partner advancement;
  • ingenious webmasters with the contemporary way of thinking to guarantee the gambling club or a sportsbook website eventually obtains the desired profit.


The organisation mainly supports sportsbook resources. BetOnValue consists of thousands of broad overviews of the most conspicuous betting sites and creates users’ enthusiasm through unique services. As for the beginning of 2021, almost 170 bookmaker’s platforms are accessible for assessment. Sportsbook owners gladly register on the website because of its strong acknowledgement among starting and experienced iGaming businessmen.

BetOnValue has a huge effect on the betting sphere on account of:

  • an advantageous structure that makes it possible to move to the required area with the assistance of support tabs;
  • elaborated discrete AI that proposes favoured betting platforms relying upon the client’s residential area;
  • top-tier live odds feed to discover selective proposals from webmasters and comprehend the changes in market direction;
  • limited liquidity offers at the most beneficial prices from the top suppliers of sportsbook services;
  • exclusive coupon-based advertising schemes for broadening clients’ experience.

A summary of the most popular affiliate networks currently available on the market:


Focus groups: affiliates, iGaming managers

Organic traffic: >20,000

Charges: subscription-based options


Focus groups: affiliates, iGaming managers

Organic traffic: >15,000

Charges: free-of-charge


Focus groups: users of gambling and betting portals

Organic traffic: >260,000

Charges: various payment-based levels

Affiliate Future

Focus groups: customers of iGaming projects

Organic traffic: >250,000

Charges: higher fees for better programs


Focus groups: affiliates, iGaming managers

Organic traffic: >20,000

Charges: no-cost and paid plans

Affiliate Guard Dog

Focus groups: affiliates, iGaming managers

Organic traffic: >20,000

Charges: several levels of subscription

Slots Calendar

Focus groups: affiliates, casino and sportsbook users

Organic traffic: >50,000

Charges: standard and premium subscriptions

Better collective

Focus groups: affiliates, iGaming managers and clients

Organic traffic: >9,000

Charges: different services for separate fee tariffs


Focus groups: sportsbook users

Organic traffic: >8,000

Charges: free-of-charge

The Main Things about Advertising an iGaming Platform with Affiliates

Affiliate marketing for casino and betting operators

The presence of multiple partner networks on the market provides insurance of healthy rivalry. With all participants of the gambling industry having similar opportunities for brand promotion, beginning operators have great possibilities for advertising.

Smart Money offers its clients an opportunity to promote their brands under the reliable guidance of world-renowned affiliate networks. The assortment of partner websites makes it possible to popularise an online casino or a betting platform worldwide.

These finest affiliate networks are:

  • AffPapa. A mainstream network for administrators in the Asian locale with high conversion rates to online casinos and bookmakers’ stores.
  • Bojoko. A solid subsidiary platform in the United Kingdom and its new advancement in the United States.
  • AskGamblers. A conventional feedback-based site with a gigantic customer base where iGaming managers motivate their clients to leave reviews about their experience.
  • Affiliate Future. A partner network with high natural traffic with a few million conversions every month.
  • GPWA. An efficient supplier of affiliate promotion that helps administrators in expanding their target audience.
  • Affiliate Guard Dog. A trend-setter in partner advertising went through years moulding a gainful iGaming environment with reliable providers and grateful customers.
  • Slots Calendar. A remarkable affiliate network keeps an eye on the new casino and betting content to give broad overviews on primary gameplay properties.
  • Better Collective. A partner brand that guarantees clear and legit advertising among the members.
  • BetOnValue. A widely advertised affiliate resource offers thousands of feedbacks on famous iGaming platforms.

If you are looking forward to receiving high-quality promotional assistance, you are welcome to resort to Smart Money. Our marketing experts can help you set up an advantageous affiliate campaign with the consideration of your operational area.

Get in touch with us by:

  • Skype:
  • Telegram: @spinwin
  • e-mail:
  • the feedback form.
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