Online Casino Franchise: Ways to Launch a Gaming Business With Minimal Costs

1. The Meaning of an Online Casino Franchise

2. Casino Franchise Opportunities: About the Positive Aspects of a Program

3. An Online Casino Franchise Review: the Basic Set of Solutions

4. Disadvantages of the System

5. A Franchising Business and its Possible Alternatives

6. The Price Paid for an Online Casino Franchise

7. The Smart Money Online Casino Franchise

According to statistics, entrepreneurial activity is a very rapidly growing economic sector. From year to year, more and more people want to start their own business, and it is not surprising. Who does not want to have a permanent and, most importantly, independent source of income? And the World Wide Web has only expanded the possibilities for launching your own startup.

Despite the existing variety of areas, the casino industry has always been and still remains the most attractive ones. Besides, it pays off very fast. Currently, it offers many solutions for an independent opening of a casino: a gambling club from scratch, an online casino franchise, affiliate programs, a ready-made project, and a script for a gaming platform.

Experts from Smart Money have collected comprehensive information on each option that is mentioned above.

Today, we will cover the following topics:

  • how to open an internet casino franchise;
  • advantages and disadvantages of the program;
  • a set of components included in the “franchise casino” service;
  • a franchise and other schemes for the creation of gambling projects;
  • where it is better to get a franchise.

Smart Money always provides its clients with professional advice, favourable business arrangements, and excellent interactive tools. With us, it is possible to launch a project of any format.

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The Meaning of an Online Casino Franchise

It is a cooperation agreement between a so-called parent company and beginning entrepreneurs. The contract provides the interested party with the right to use an existing and recognisable brand for its own commercial purposes.

The result of cooperation is the acquisition of a ready-made casino, which does not need promotion and other operations to attract customers.

A franchise is an easiest and fastest way to enter the gaming market under the name of an already well-known and respected brand.

Casino Franchise Opportunities: About the Positive Aspects of a Program

When the contract is signed, the franchisee can enjoy several advantages:

Easy and Fast Launch

Operators are provided with a ready-made website with the software and tools for the profit-making.

Commercial Benefits

In accordance with the terms of the contract, the identity of the franchisor can be used by the franchisee, as well as an opportunity to work under an already obtained license. Thus, operators can save money on the creation and advertising of their own brands, the creation of a design, and organisation of a customer support service. We would also like to mention the minimisation of tax deductions.

Consultations and Assistance to Members of the Network

The main resource always wants a subsidiary enterprise to be successful. Participants are provided with the program with both professional advice and technical support. Very often, the services include the calculation of money that should be spent on a campaign, its organisation, development/introduction of advertising and marketing strategies, invention of a design the website, etc.

Minimisation of Time Expenditures

Compared to other opportunities for the opening of a casino, an internet casino franchise is probably the best one. This program is based on already tested schemes. Operators receive a completed product literally in several days after signing a contract, while an independent launch may take from six months to several years.

Staff Training

A franchisor guarantees the provision of internal workflows of the site and provides free training programs because the higher is the professionalism of employees, the more income the casino gains. Accordingly, royalties will be as high as the competence of the staff.

Online casino franchise owner receives free staff training

New Markets

By getting a franchise casino, you get a recognisable name and respect of the audience. A good reputation of the brand allows even startuppers to work at international level.


This sphere of action is very promising and can bring good income. Accordingly, it is rather competitive. By working under the name of a famous brand is a wonderful chance to push aside small firms and reach the same level as well-known and respected gambling establishments.

A Relevant Assessment of Capabilities

An online casino franchise provides an opportunity to work under the name of an already existing brand. Entrepreneurs get a completed product without the necessity to carefully study the nuances of the described field, analyse the market, and legalise their brands. In case of a failure or the idea to switch to another field of activity, an entrepreneur does not have to close a legal entity and offer the existing basis for sale — he can just terminate the contract with the franchisor.

An Online Casino Franchise Review: the Basic Set of Solutions

By accepting this offer, operators receive:

  • a website with a recognisable design;
  • payment processors;
  • popular slots;
  • tools for the administration of a gaming site;
  • educational content;
  • consulting support;
  • promotional tools.

Depending on provisions of a contract, a franchise may include additional items (translation of the content into another language, integration of more software solutions, and so on).

Disadvantages of the System

Despite many positive aspects of the franchise business, opportunities of such a program are rather limited.

A review of the subject has revealed the following nuances:

  • A fixed set of components. All games and related software solutions are selected in accordance with the requirements and preferences of the parent company. The franchisee cannot change the provided product independently.
  • Dependence on decisions of the franchisor. Any change in the policy of the parent company automatically affects its subsidiary. The franchisor is allowed to conduct promos, introduce bonuses, reorganise the design, and update the range of games. And operators can only watch how the website is changing.
  • Inability to use your own name. The choice of this way of launching a business means to work under an already existing name. Operators cannot use the brand name and design of the franchisor any more after the agreement is terminated.

Despite some limitations, the franchise casino program can be called the most preferred option for the opening of a casino independently. This is an optimal solution for entrepreneurs that have limited initial capital and minimal knowledge of what is going on in the industry.

A Franchising Business and its Possible Alternatives

Smart Money has made a review, from which you can find the most in-demand options for the opening of a gambling project.

Business From Scratch

Those operators who decide to start a project on their own will face the following problems:

  • acquisition of a permit;
  • creation of the website (design, domain name, interface, etc.);
  • purchase of software (you have to remember that popular and recognisable providers rarely want to cooperate with unknown brands);
  • integration of software solutions (payment processors, administration tools, etc.);
  • the organisation of the work of the technical support service;
  • a comprehensive marketing program.

All items require substantial financial investments and are very time-consuming. Thus, the creation of a gaming site can take about six months, and the price of the work of professionals starts at ten thousand dollars.

As the permit, it will cost from fifty thousand dollars. In this case, a full-scale marketing campaign will take more than half of the estimated income of the institution.

A Script for Sale

To buy a script is one of the cheapest ways to start a gambling business but this is its only advantage. In fact, you get just a piece of code, which will have to be improved. At the same time, there are no guarantees that the script will work. As a result, the desire to save money can result in huge additional costs (the work of programmers, software updates, and the integration of the missing elements) and cause a collapse of the project.

A Turnkey Project

By ordering this service, you get:

  • a website with a unique design;
  • a relevant set of software;
  • well-known payment processors;
  • effective and reliable elements for the administration of a website;
  • a large selection of analytical tools;
  • high-quality technical support;
  • legal project governance.

It is better for operators to entrust all issues to competent professionals. Services can be chosen according to the clients’ wishes (they can order a full-scale marketing campaign or reorganisation of an existing website, expand the functionality, etc.).

Cooperation on the basis of a franchise does not have any fixed price. Everything depends on the financial policy of the supplier and is calculated individually.

There are two available payment options:

  • a lump-sum fee (a single time deduction calculated in the form of the sum of cumulative expenses of the parent company that are connected with the provision of the service);
  • royalties (periodic commission fees, which depend on the profitability or a total turnover of a website).

The Smart Money Online Casino Franchise

From us, it is possible to purchase a franchise on the most favourable terms. Our experts will offer you the best solutions and consult you on all matters of this business.

The company’s assortment includes the range of games from Microgaming, Playtech, Novomatic, NetEnt, and IGT, multifunctional gaming platforms, stock exchange terminals, reliable payment systems, as well as software solutions for live-casinos and mobile platforms.

Become online casino franchise owner on better terms with Smart Money

It is always possible to order the equipment for land-based gambling clubs, the Homeplay system, affiliate programs, and services for the organisation of bingo.

Would you like to become the owner of an exclusive product? Order a gambling club on a turnkey basis! Our employees will implement a project of any level of complexity.

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The best affiliate programs, a casino franchise, constantly updating gaming solutions — start your business with Smart Money today. We are waiting for your applications:

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