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Online Casino Design Trends: How to Attract and Retain Users

Updated 10.04.2024

The way the iGaming site looks makes customers form an opinion about the platform in a split second. That is why operators should carefully approach the development of the resource and understand the specifics of the entertainment industry.

Online casino design: general info

Experts of the Smart Money studio will tell you about the features and rules of online casino design, as well as global trends in the gambling sector.

Why the Platform’s Appearance Is So Important

This characteristic performs several important functions. It creates the first impression of the portal and also simplifies the player’s interaction with the website. Thanks to this, the conversion, profitability, and other KPI metrics of a startup increase: the business grows and scales.

About 10 years ago, the key goal of design was the visual component but, as it turns out, practicality is more important. Therefore, the “usability” concept appeared. It means convenience and ease of operation.

Professional web developers must be able to create visually appealing platforms and be good analysts and psychologists. Their task is to calculate in advance all the moves of customers, as well as study their preferences and habits.

What are the benefits of high-quality online casino visualisation:

  1. Positive first impression. It is formed within 30 seconds. This is exactly how much time a person needs to understand whether he wants to place bets on the portal or not. A poorly designed and laid out website, flashy colours, and too loud sounds may scare potential clients away.
  2. High conversion. This is the percentage of gamblers who performed the target action: clicked on an advertising banner, registered, deposited funds, and launched digital reels. Visualisation that is thought out to the smallest detail contributes to the increase of conversion. When visiting an online casino site, players immediately understand the procedure: which button to press to launch the reels and receive a bonus.
  3. Excellent user experience. In this case, we are talking about clear navigation, structured text, the availability of an in-game hint system, and other factors. The duration of sessions, frequency of attendance, and the overall impression of the platform depend on these aspects.
  4. Impeccable image. The well-thought-out design has a positive effect on the recognition, reputation, and ratings of the brand. No matter how good the functionality is, the audience will not appreciate it if the portal does not look modern.

How to Create a High-Quality Design of a Gambling Project

Design of a gambling website: features

Let us consider the main secrets of success in the entertainment industry.

User-Friendly Appearance

The main components of a modern design of digital casinos:

  1. Excellent visuals. These are correctly selected colours, compatibility of elements, logical and understandable structure, as well as the absence of unnecessary information, blocks, or buttons. Today, many experts believe that laconic platforms with several accents are the best option.
  2. Uniqueness. An iGaming resource should be created taking into account the specifics of the business and the audience’s needs. It is good if the design contains such thematic elements as card tables, chips, and icons of slot machines. The style of online casinos can be associated with Las Vegas, exotic adventures, fantasy worlds, glamour, etc.
  3. Relevance. It is important to introduce modern solutions and technologies. For example, 3D glass looks bright and fresh. Dice, the brand’s logo, signs, blocks, and other elements can be made of it as well.

Mobile Compatibility

The adaptability of a gaming site is one of the most important issues. Most operators prefer a cross-platform environment. Solutions can be launched equally well on different types of devices: desktop PCs, gadgets, or large monitors of land-based terminals.

It is worth considering that the adaptive online casino design has several disadvantages:

  • reduced page loading speed;
  • inability to take into account the sizes of screens;
  • problems with the rational layout of blocks and elements.

The mobile version of the entertainment portal will help operators eliminate such shortcomings. This is a separate website created for use on smartphones. It is possible to remove unnecessary things from it, change the structure, or add additional functionality for playing via touch screens.

It is more expensive to create such a resource but it will attract solvent traffic from personal gadgets and make the iGaming platform more recognisable and competitive in the market.

Starting from 2021, Google algorithms first index the mobile version and then the desktop one. To get the highest positions in search results, operators definitely need to pay attention to this fact.

Development Stages

Business owners can independently create a casino website or order it from the Smart Money studio.

Another option is to use ready-made templates that can be found on the Internet. Although this approach reduces startup costs, it deprives the brand of its individuality. In the future, entrepreneurs will have to modify the portal more than once, spending a lot of money and time on such a task.

Work on a gambling project consists of several steps:

  1. Preparation of a technical assignment. The document specifies the basic design requirements and the operator’s wishes. It also describes the formation of the casino resource.
  2. Creation of a mockup. This is a prototype of an entertainment portal. It includes a draft structure, the placement of blocks, icons, and other elements on the screen, as well as a list of colours and fonts.
  3. Layout. The approved version is sent to programmers. Based on it, they create a high-quality website and its mobile analogue.

Trends in the iGaming Platform Design

iGaming platform: design trends

Let us consider the main trends that are popular in the industry.

3D Visualisation

Technology penetrates all business spheres, and the casino sector is no exception.

High-quality 3D images are gaining popularity in the entertainment niche. They add such elements as shadow, movement, texture, and transparency. Operators can use traditional casino objects as a basis: chips, six-sided dice, decks, and card suits.

Such special effects are also integrated into:

  • blocks;
  • pictograms;
  • inscriptions.

Pulsing start buttons look advantageous and attractive. With their help, entrepreneurs can highlight key actions on the screen: registration, account replenishment, and the award of a bonus.

Creative Typography

These are unusual fonts, illustrations, and collages that are carefully included in the design. The key objective of this trend is to emphasise the individual style of online casinos.

Developers use:

  • handwritten texts;
  • unusual font sets (retro, 3D, or elegant);
  • letter compression effect;
  • unusual caps.

Original Background

The days of using a standard monophonic canvas as a background image are long gone. Currently, designers choose different colour combinations and textures, adding multi-level collages and three-dimensional drawings.

Trends in the creation of the off-screen pattern:

  1. Gradients. They can be simple matte or shiny. Solutions with several tones and smooth transitions between them, as well as 3D visualisation are also suitable.
  2. Transparency. This direction has not lost its position for several years. Designers use translucent blocks that are placed one upon the other. Such an approach allows entrepreneurs to show as much useful information as possible (about casinos, bonuses, and popular slots) .
  3. Glassmorphism. This is a 3D glass effect. It is based on a combination of shadow, transparency, as well as the lines and background blurring. The tool can be applied only on individual elements, so as not to interfere with the player’s visual perception. Another option is to add objects that are “floating in space.”
  4. Large off-screen drawing. These can be chips, dice, fantasy heroes, card decks, or locations from popular action movies. If there are bookmaker quotes offered on a gaming site, then an image of an athlete in motion can be placed in the background.


When creating an online casino, it is important not to overdo the design by:

  • using cold shades;
  • limiting yourself to 2 or 3 fonts;
  • maintaining the general style on all pages;
  • leaving empty space.

It is essential to maintain colour balance. Therefore, the platform’s background image is usually made in dark tones (black, green, blue, emerald, and grey), while text fragments are made in light shades (white, yellow, and gold).

If the design is minimalistic, it is much easier to highlight key points. These could be the main buttons (registration, bonuses, or deposits), the brand logo, and current promotions.

Handy Navigation

Already at the stage of creating a website layout, it is necessary to describe the scheme of interaction between an online casino and its visitors and then include it in the portal’s visualisation. This will make the digital establishment not only beautiful and stylish but also extremely profitable.

Customers should quickly find what they are looking for:

  • important sections (slots, bingo, sports betting options, products with the participation of live dealers);
  • list of current bonuses and promotions;
  • information about licences and certificates.

The main emphasis should be placed on buttons that allow users to register, deposit funds, and open the entertainment library. Icons with the most popular slots can be located on the main page so that gamblers can quickly find their way and start playing.

Many companies place the menu and main sections in the left block of the website. Information about current promotions, quick bonuses, and new slots can be usually found in the centre. The right block is devoted to personal data, the current balance of customers, the history of bets, victories, etc.

This is the standard structure of online casinos, which has remained relevant for many years.

The Main Things about the Creation of the Design of iGaming Startups

Design of a gaming site: key characteristics

Stylish and modern visualisation of entertainment platforms is the key to their success and prosperity.

Aspects that business owners need to remember:

  • Excellent appearance forms the first impression of a gambling resource, ensures the audience’s loyalty, and has a positive impact on the project’s reputation. The well-thought-out UX design guarantees an increase in conversion and other KPI metrics.
  • Mobile compatibility is one of the main criteria for evaluating the way an iGaming platform looks. Besides, the visualisation must be relevant, unique, and take into account the specifics of the market.
  • Design trends include beautiful typography, original multi-level background images, and the pursuit of minimalism. The introduction of 3D elements makes the interface more vibrant, responsive, and modern.
  • Easy navigation is the key to high conversion rates for online casinos. Players are captivated by the availability of information, simple account replenishment, and the launch of popular slots in a few clicks.

The Smart Money studio is your reliable assistant in the market. From us, it is possible to order a turnkey project, a licensed White Label platform, as well as furniture and equipment for land-based gambling halls.

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