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How to Increase Earnings with a Mobile Casino for Android

Updated 29.04.2020

Twenty years ago, passengers were entering public transport with newspapers and books in their hands. And now, most of them are holding smartphones. Today, people can not only read books on a smartphone but also play slot games, place bets, and make money on options. Therefore, an Android casino is a great way to expand an existing business or organise a new one.

Mobile casino for Android

An Android online casino has many advantages and a huge potential for development. In this article, which was prepared by specialists of the Smart Money company, you will be able to learn more about this subject. It is also possible to find out the opinion of experts and ask them your questions about the launch of a gambling business.


The Advantages of a Mobile Casino for Android

Like any other business, even the best Android online casinos have their advantages and disadvantages. However, we think that there are much more positive aspects than negative ones.

Access to the new Audience

There are players who prefer to use only smartphones for both business tasks and entertainment. In this case, no matter how good an online casino website is, it does not have the slightest chance to make these people its regular customers.

Expansion in the Number of Visits

With players whose trust you have already won, the situation is different. Some of them launch slot games only at work, or only at home, or only in the Internet cafe. That is, in the place, where there is a suitable device: a PC or a laptop.

For them, the appearance of the gambling Android apps means an ability to play more and more: on the way home, in bed, in the gym, etc. Simply put, if they enter the mobile casino Android, they will place more bets, which is a good thing for the development of your gambling business.

Costs for Advertising are Much Lower

If users install a casino app for Android, they will see a logo icon every time they look at the screen. And each time, they will feel a strong desire to win real money and play a little more.

Let us make a comparison with a usual website. Owners have to launch a remarketing campaign to get back those players who have already been on their sites at least once, but, for example, have forgotten their names. But the Android casino is always at hand.

And, of course, the application does not need SEO promotion, which requires a lot of money that needs to be paid every month.

Familiar Management

One of the undoubted advantages is the fact that all the functionality of a classic gaming site is kept untouched. Gamblers can also choose slots, deposit funds or withdraw winnings, participate in draws or write to the support service.

The format of the casino is changing but the circuit remains the same. So any player will barely notice that he has moved from a computer to a smartphone or a tablet.

Disadvantages of the Android Online Casino

There are still some negative aspects but they are not significant:

  • During the development process, a lot of attention should be paid to the quality of graphics. Owners of powerful smartphones with a large screen are tough on the image and want it to be as clear as possible. But gamblers with weaker devices may face the fact that their phones simply cannot launch the application. You should try to find the balance between quality and loads on the compute capacity of the devices.
  • Remember that players will use the touch screen. Buttons need to be bigger, far from each other, and bright enough. It is very important to have a good animation of all actions on the panel so that people understand what is happening. Also, it is worth noting that many people prefer to play on smartphones in a silent mode.
  • Create an Android casino, which can operate without an Internet connection, otherwise, players will not be able to enjoy the process on the road, in the subway or in those parts of the city where the connection is unstable. The best option is synchronisation with the cloud upon request.

Why do I need a Mobile Casino for Android for my Phone?

Besides Android, there are many good operating systems in the world: Windows Mobile, Blackberry, iOS. But Android still is the most common operating system on the planet. That is why we recommend you to create a mobile casino on its basis.

There is also another reason: the development of an Android casino will be much cheaper than on other platforms. The cost of work of the developers from Android is lower than of other narrowly focused specialists, and the potential is higher.

How to Create a Mobile Casino for Android?

In order to make a gambling application on your own, you will have to learn several programming languages. Then, you will have to spend time on testing, correcting errors, and preparing the project for the launch. And do not forget about further promotion.

It is better to contact a contractor who will deal with the business organisation from cover to cover. Smart Money will provide full support for your future project. Order the development of an Android casino or a live casino Android from us, and a few weeks later, you will have a gambling business that will bring you a fixed return.


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Hans Adrian

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist

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