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Gamification in Non-Playable Products: New Casino Opportunities

Updated 14.05.2024

Transferring the entertainment format to marketing, training, and support increases the interest and motivation of visitors to digital platforms, as well as their employees and B2B partners. As a result, the business works more efficiently, and its income and image positions increase.

Experts of the Smart Money studio will tell you about the features and benefits of gamification in the casino industry.

About the Concept

Gamification in casinos: general info

It means the addition of game mechanics to a non-playable context. This includes customer service, search/training/motivation of employees, development of proprietary solutions, and much more. Proper use of such tools facilitates and automates the routine tasks of entrepreneurs.

Gamification elements are actively used in:

  • banking sector;
  • healthcare;
  • medicine;
  • finance;
  • IT;
  • telecommunications;
  • tourism, and other areas.

How Game Mechanics Work

Such technologies are based on human psychology. They take the natural inclinations of people to compete, achieve, and interact with others as a basis. All this increases the audience’s motivation and encourages users to achieve more goals.

Secrets of the tool's effectiveness:

  1. Removal of barriers. Game mechanics can transfer a person from adulthood to being a child again. Thanks to this, various mental resistances and limiting affirmations go away. Customers learn new things by playing, as they did in infancy.
  2. Self-assertiveness and improvement of self-esteem. Challenges, surveys, and other gamification elements are organised in such a way as to follow through.

Basic Facts from the History

People first started talking about the option in the early 2010s. Initially, such mechanics were aimed primarily at millennials and zoomers. These categories of clients have been accustomed to video games since childhood.

Therefore, the transfer of competitive and rewarding practices fits into their daily life most organically. Later, the technology began to be used to attract older people as well.

One of the most popular solutions in the market is the Nike Run Club mobile app for jogging. Depending on success, people receive rewards, collect points, and set/achieve new goals. This is how the company attracts customers, motivates them, and creates a friendly atmosphere.

The Duolingo language learning platform is another successful example. There are various mechanics here, from progress scales to a unique currency (diamonds) and regular thematic quests.

Key Principles of Gamification

Gamification principles: the main nuances

Let us look at the main features of the tool:

  1. Motivation. It maintains the person’s interest in the product for quite a while. Thanks to this, players do not give up tasks but slowly move towards their goal. These could be bonuses that grow with each new level or a progressive cashback system. Here, the RTP percentage also depends on the client’s previous achievements.
  2. Status. As customers complete missions, they should be assigned additional incentives in the form of discounts, gifts, and positions in the standings. The most famous example of multi-level gamification is the scoring system from PokerStars. Casino visitors are assigned various statuses: Select Plus, Black, Platinum, Gold, etc.
  3. Reward. Achieving good results (in work, study, play, or communication) should be converted into extra income. These are bonuses, allowances, increased cashback, and one-time gifts that emphasise the value of users for the entertainment portal.

Gamification is related to UX and UI visualisation. Companies create an engaging design that looks both beautiful and motivational. Thanks to this, a powerful emotional connection is established between the online casino and the audience. Players become participants in an exciting quest and receive valuable prizes. Business owners, in turn, get their perks too.

The challenging effect is also important. Clients compete with each other, unite into teams, and exchange resources (points and experience).

When introducing gamification elements, entrepreneurs need to identify KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). They will show the result of using mechanics and its advantages for the project. Such metrics include the number of clicks and transitions, conversion, payback periods, etc.

Benefits of Adding Game Mechanics

The Mordor Intelligence online publication claims that the tool can help operators increase:

  • traffic by 108.5%;
  • the conversion rate by 9.38% (the transition from viewing to performing the desired action);
  • the number of mentions of iGaming brands by 13%;
  • click-through rates on social networks by 22%;
  • place in search results by 68%.

Gamification is the most useful in marketing. Entertainment elements are actively used to attract and retain customers, create advertising campaigns, and position casino brands in the public space.

Let us consider why iGaming platforms should use this tool:

  1. The fight for attention. Original game mechanics will help you stand out from competitors, attract the attention of gamers and B2B partners, and improve your image. In the era of active digitalisation, an iGaming brand needs to be original and recognisable. The introduction of playing mechanics allows you to achieve your goals.
  2. Increased audience loyalty. Even a minimal gift (promotional code, additional spin, or free bet) increases the satisfaction of users and creates a positive information field around the entertainment company.
  3. Growth of income. The costs of introducing game mechanics always pay off in full. Players spend more time on a website, due to which their average check also gets bigger. Clients are maximally involved, ready to compete with each other and benefit the operator.
  4. Assistance in recruitment. Gamification is used to increase the motivation and effectiveness of educational programs and courses. The tool also speeds up and simplifies the search for personnel, testing candidates, and assessment of their suitability. Another advantage of mechanics is the implementation of a high-quality employee incentive system.
  5. Creation of a community. If casino visitors unite to obtain a common result, this will stimulate excellent teamwork and contribute to the active socialisation of the entertainment portal.

Proven Game Mechanics for Digital Platforms

Casino game mechanics: key features

There are many gamification methods in the market. Let us look at the most popular ones:

Points, Scores, and Progress Tracking

The accumulation system in an online casino or mobile application is an excellent way to demonstrate the achievements of users. It shows how many steps players have already taken and how many are left. This is how customers feel motivated to move forward, complete new tasks, and collect points.

The tool can be successfully integrated into a gambler’s account. It will contain information about the current status, accomplishments, and goals for the future. The first scores should be awarded at the time of registration on the website. This will make clients want to continue – make more deposits, launch the reels, participate in tournaments, and invite friends.

Tracking progress works well in employee training and improves the efficiency of the help desk. Each manager is awarded points depending on customer feedback, the length of the working day, and the number of applications accepted.

Random Prizes

They help to unobtrusively encourage gamblers for any activity in an online casino.

Even if users do not participate in competitions or quests, they still receive:

  • monetary compensation;
  • multiplier of an initial bet;
  • free spins.

The distinctive feature of such mechanics is their randomness. Players get a reward when they least expect it.


The instrument has minimal initial investment but it evokes positive emotions and creates a feeling of warmth and care.

Every user is given various badges from time to time for their activity on the iGaming platform.

An important detail is a high-quality design. Operators can use animation, bright colours, lighting, engaging captions, and other effects. An excellent option is to develop such icons based on the characters of popular slots. Symbols from the Books game by Playtech can be a perfect example.


This popular tool makes people want to play, win and foster their competitive spirit. In interactive tables, leaders change very quickly. This motivates the audience to be active and spend more time on the resource.

The solution can be personalised or anonymised. Thus, many virtual casinos send messages that the customer “plays more successfully than 99% of users in their category.” This is how loyalty to the iGaming portal is formed. Clients are trying to be active, even if it is about winning against the abstract number of participants.

Challenges, Quests, and Surveys

This group of instruments is the most effective because it is rather similar to the classic game. However, entrepreneurs need to be very careful when organising challenges. Such mechanics must be added only if it is going to be beneficial.

Otherwise, the audience may switch entirely to carrying out the mission. People will be distracted from slot machines, and operators will lose part of their profits.

The simplest version of the challenge is to regularly visit the mobile betting app (daily, once every 12 hours, or once a week). For each new entry, the gambler gets a gift. This could be a free spin or several points that can be exchanged for money at the end of the month.

Conducting surveys is a great way to get to know your customers and learn more about their preferences. The test should not be too long: about 4 or 6 questions that do not require much thought are enough.

Simple Entertainment That Can be Launched by iGaming Brands

Gamification on the online casino websites

Let us consider the most understandable and popular solutions:

  1. Count objects. There may be pumpkins hidden in the picture (a reference to Halloween), snowmen (an option for Christmas), and other interesting icons. For completing the task, a small prize is awarded, for example, 5% cashback on the next bet.
  2. Find differences. As a basis, it is possible to use promotional materials: pictures, banners, and brochures. The correct answer gives clients an advantage in the form of free spins in the selected product. A good idea is also to add clickable elements (company logo or images of the main characters of the slot).
  3. Walk a labyrinth. This is a quick challenge for attentiveness that increases interest and loyalty to the iGaming brand. The task shouldn't be too difficult. To find a way out of the maze, from 30 to 90 seconds must be enough.
  4. Crossword. The most popular goal is to find the name of an online casino. For the correct answer, a bonus is awarded (for example, 20 loyalty points).
  5. Puzzle. A picture divided into 6 or 9 elements appears in front of the users. They need to quickly collect it to receive a gift (promotional code or additional rotations). Once all the puzzles are put together, the image often becomes interactive. By clicking on it, people can go to the iGaming site.
  6. Reel. Its sectors contain pleasant wishes (“good luck” or “have a nice day”), time-limited cashback, points, free spins, multipliers, and other incentives.

Simple solutions (interactive pictures with hidden objects, mazes, etc.) can be sent by email. This will increase the number of repeated registrations and interest those players who have not visited an online casino for a long time.

The Main Things about Gamification in the Entertainment Niche

The term means the introduction of game mechanics into products not directly related to the placement of bets.

Key features of the tool:

  • It is highly effective at low start-up costs. The solution is used to position an iGaming brand in the market, fight against competitors, attract and retain an audience, as well as to find, train, and motivate staff.
  • Proven game mechanics include points, scores, performance tracking systems, random prizes, and badges. Challenges, quests, surveys, and interactive leaderboards work well too.

The Smart Money studio offers such effective business solutions as turnkey casinos, White Label platforms, franchises, and other products.

From us, you can also order the following useful services:

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