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Fundamental Principles of Regulation of the Ukrainian Gaming Market

Updated 27.06.2022

In this article, Smart Money experts offer you to find out how the basic and probably the most important standards of secure and honest gaming are implemented in Ukraine.

Responsible gambling: Ukrainian legislation

We will talk in more detail about the available tools for protecting players and project owners and the benefits of the security solution installation.

Features of the Legal Norms

In July 2020, Ukrainian deputies legalised casino games, thus allowing entrepreneurs to open offline and virtual locations.

Law №768-IX is focused on responsible gaming and assistance to socially vulnerable members of the population.

Several categories of people cannot get access to offline venues and internet platforms:

  • minors and people under 21;
  • citizens on low incomes (who receive subsidies and other material and financial assistance from the government);
  • disabled and temporarily disabled people;
  • citizens with debts for the use of public utilities, as well as in such fields as alimony and bank loans;
  • people whose profiles have been previously blocked or those who once were prohibited to come back to a land-based casino.

Hardware vendors must certify branded products, and operators must use only proven equipment and solutions. Great attention is also paid to ethical marketing in order to avoid unfair advertising in the industry.

In November 2021, the Verkhovna Rada approved the bill №2713-D in the first reading.

The main objectives of the document are:

  • normalisation of tax relations between casino owners and the government;
  • determination of fines for illegal activities in the domestic market.

Thus, for example, for allowing a person to enter a casino without identification, entrepreneurs will have to pay about 3 million hryvnias. The repeated violation will lead to the revocation of a permit.

Secure Gaming Policy in Ukraine

Law №768-IX provides for the formation of the specially authorised body that is responsible for the issuance and prolongation of licences, development of requirements for the industry, and monitoring the activities of casino owners and bookmakers.

In September 2021, the commission published a legal act that approved the standards of safe gaming.

Mikhail Koval, head of the working group of the Advisory and Expert Council, said:

Basically, we investigated the legislation of different countries and applied the successful European experience. Moreover, we have implemented several practical points.

Let us consider the basic principles:

Guarantee of the registration

The identity of players is verified every time they visit online or offline locations

Restriction on participation in casino games

Entrepreneurs can set the following limits: on the maximum size of a deposit or a spin, the duration of the session, and the number of hours played per day/week/month

The lack of motivation to lose in a game

Operators are not allowed to offer bonuses for losing: cashback, loyalty points, one-time payments, and other types of rewards

Prevention of ludomania

Project owners must propose comprehensive data on the risks related to gambling, including the progression of such a disease as ludomania and other mental and physiological disorders

Self-control and self-restraint

Punters and their family members can add themselves or their relatives to the register of self-limited people for a period of 6 months to 3 years

Informing the user

All rules related to gambling must be provided in 2 languages — Ukrainian and English

Awareness of staff

Casino staff must know Ukrainian laws and be able to identify people with signs of ludomania (based on their behaviour and by checking open registries of users)

Social interaction

Entrepreneurs should carry out explanatory work in order to minimise the negative impact on the population.

It is possible to interact with medical centres, charitable foundations, and non-profit social organisations

Nuances of Two-Level Verification of Gamblers

User verification: key features

According to Ukrainian legislation, user authentication takes place in 2 stages.

Primary Authentication

It is held when players visit the location for the first time.

Thus, in land-based clubs, it is enough to show the original passport, ID, or another identification document. After that, clients receive a personal card with elements for the secure and automatic scanning of their unique number.

During verification that takes place on gaming sites, several modern technologies are used:

  1. Mobile-ID. A digital identity card is located directly in the gadget. The full name and contacts of users are entered into a mobile SIM card. During the verification process, customers type phone numbers, and the program enters them into the system. It also checks age, the presence in restriction lists, and other parameters.
  2. Bank-ID. This method is similar to the previous one. The only difference is that here, information is accumulated in bank server storage. The casino system uses birth dates, credit history, full names, and other metrics to check gamblers and allow them to play. The initial data input is carried out through Privat24, Oschad 24/7, and other web banking applications.
  3. Digital signature. It must be created on the site of one of the official services. After that, players will need to fill out a profile, confirm e-mail, and create a password. Further, using this signature, it will be possible for them to confirm the entrance to the platform.
  4. Photo and video check. In this case, operators ask players to pass their selfie or make a video and send it along with an identity document. After that, a confirmation code is sent to the phone number, and gamblers will need to enter it in the highlighted column.

Secondary Authentication

During the first registration of the gaming site, entrepreneurs are obliged to issue individual cards (electronic or plastic ones) with a unique number and give it to their clients.

With each following visit to the institution or website, users enter the card number in the registration form. The system automatically checks them, provides access to the casino, and enters current indicators (entry time, IP address, the duration of a visit to the platform, etc.).

Licensed Software for the Authentication Procedure

Smart Money offers multi-element solutions for verifying visitors to virtual casinos and offline locations.

These products meet all the requirements of the local legislation and are characterised by flexible settings, as well as quick and smooth integration into the structure of an iGaming project. The offerings also have built-in modules with detailed statistics and analytics.

The most popular vendors of software for user check:


The brand has created 3 ways of recognising the identity of players:

  • high-level face recognition with the use of biometrics;
  • age authentication based on BBFC technology;
  • identification via document scanning.

The solution was created using modern IT solutions: NFC technology, AES and TwoFish cryptographic encryption algorithms, as well as G-Cloud 11 cloud storage methods

Airnow Cybersecurity (Abilott)

The proprietary software complies with the GDPR European directive on the protection of private data and Ukrainian legislation. Administrators have access to multi-level user verification that includes up-to-date IT services

ASAP Secured

The provider has created a Veritas universal module.

Key features of the product are:

  • two-level user verification;
  • identification and fixation of behavioural anomalies;
  • storage of profiles of gamblers and their contact info;
  • formation of detailed statistics and analytics

AA Casino LTD

The software contains the TrustChain service for identifying punters who play using cryptocurrency.

The portfolio also includes several traditional authentication methods that are based on documents, age, and biometrics


The operation of the module is based on the KYC method.

Key features of the solution:

  • biometric user identification;
  • control of compliance with geolocation;
  • check of the authenticity of a personal device;
  • simulation of players' actions at the behavioural level

Transparent Gaming and Safety of Casino Projects

Security software: popular software vendors

Among the basic rules, we can name:

  • protection of information (data on platform’s owners and related parties: users and contractors);
  • security of financial gateways;
  • reliable operation of the platform and fraud management;
  • timely certification of equipment and programs.

The decision to install security solutions solves many problems related to the successful work of casino owners in the Ukrainian market.

From Smart Money, entrepreneurs can purchase software from the world’s leading vendors, such as:

  1. Arxan Technologies Inc. The brand’s product protects mobile, desktop, and server casino platforms. It operates based on neural networks and cryptographic algorithms. The Threat Analytics module contains detailed statistics on key areas of the iGaming project.
  2. Featurespace. The software contains modules on fraud management, the creation of affiliate networks and customer groups, AML, and multi-level user verification.
  3. Accertify Inc. The vendor’s solution combats bots and multi-accounting, advertising abuse, account hacking, theft of funds, and other malicious activities. The payment module received a PCI DSS quality certificate.
  4. AcuityTec. The security option contains 3 specialised services: authentication of gamblers, response to hacker attacks, and a comprehensive audit of a gaming site. The product is developed on the basis of SSL encryption, Global Risk ID, and Site Seal Technology (its task is to protect data channels).
  5. AFIMAC. The firm offers a risk management module for gambling transactions. The solution works based on IPS, Firewall, SIG, and other international data safety protocols. The product has a universal verification module, and its connection takes a minimum of time.

The Main Things about Honest and Transparent Gaming

  • At the end of 2021, the local commission presented the terms that determine safe gambling. Such rules must be followed by entrepreneurs, players, manufacturers, and program vendors.
  • The requirements include the guarantee of identification on time, the absence of bonuses for losing, prevention of addiction, self-control restrictions, staff awareness, and the need to tell users about ludomania and its consequences.
  • The described term provides for the reliability of digital payments and user verification. The installation of the certified safety solution will help business owners to perform these tasks.

From us, you can buy the following products:

For all questions, please contact our managers.

Hans Adrian

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist

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