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Central European Gambling: Enter Prosperous Gaming Markets

Updated 01.02.2024

If you are seeking well-regulated markets, progressive economies, and a responsive audience, Central Europe is a perfect location for entrepreneurship. This region proposes diverse investment opportunities, and it's a direct way to success. The same applies to iGaming: the demand for gambling activities is very high in Central Europe.

Smart Money will review licensing intricacies and regulations in the region. Keep reading to learn more about each country's casinos in detail. Integrate top games and promotional instruments with our specialists.

Germany — Invincible Casino Industry Player

Gambling regulations in Germany

Quick economic progress, a stable political situation, and wealthy residents distinguish the country. Germany's gambling sphere profits beat every state on the list — in 2019, the income reached €16 billion, and this year, a spectacular increase is expected.

Here are some features about Germany's casinos and regulations:

  • Despite the intricate regulatory environment shaped by various states, the foundational requirements are encapsulated in the Interstate Treaty on Gambling.
  • Facilitated by the recently formed Gambling Committee, businessmen may now offer web casino and poker entertainment.
  • Dedicated digital platforms have been launched for sports bidding and horse racing.
  • The implementation of a fresh framework presents promising opportunities for the development of video slots and poker games.

Switzerland and Poland: Rising Forces on the Horizon

Celebrated for its economic prosperity, Switzerland is continuing regulation of its web wagering market.

In the initial half-year of 2019, the local sector witnessed an impressive GGR exceeding €21 million.

Entering the Swiss market is challenging, and here’s why:

  1. Unique rights for online bids and lotteries belong to Swisslos and Loterie Romande.
  2. Only established stationery casinos can obtain licences for iGaming activities.

However, web gambling firms should not be disheartened. Instead, they can seize the opportunity to partner with local venues and tap into the market's potential.

Conversely, Poland is emerging as a standout in the entertainment sector, characterised by stringent regulations.

Here are key insights into the local landscape:

  1. The legal market has experienced remarkable growth, surging from €0.11 billion in 2015 to a noteworthy €5 billion in 2020.
  2. Online betting takes precedence in the Polish landscape, with a value of €1.6 billion.

Exploring Opportunities in the Region

Casinos in Central Europe: top countries

Several countries in the region, including Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Liechtenstein, and the Czech Republic, present distinctive prospects in the iGaming sector.

Here are some key features for operators:

  1. Austria is set to retain control over lotteries and casino entertainment until 2027 through monopolies.
  2. Hungary is confronted with stringent limitations, allowing only licensed offline casinos to operate online.
  3. Slovakia recently joined the regulated web wagering space, providing diverse opportunities for betting, slots, and table amusements.
  4. Liechtenstein, although not overseeing iGaming, boasts flourishing land-based casinos that attract punters from neighbouring countries.
  5. The Czech Republic's web wagering landscapes have witnessed expansion, with slots and sports betting emerging as prominent elements.

The Main Things about Central European Casinos

After exploring the laws and rules in various states, you, as an entrepreneur, can choose where to operate legally and with multiple benefits.

The Smart Money aggregator has diverse gambling offerings and assists with licensing in any state you choose. You can buy such solutions from our team:

Smart Money will guide entrepreneurs in quickly launching and efficiently controlling a gambling business. Contact our manager and get an exclusive business offer.

Hans Adrian

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist

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