Margarita Dolgikh: Prospects for Development of Lotteries in Kazakhstan

In 1998, to enlist the support of the population and to show the transparency of the lottery industry, they created the National Lottery, which became an example to follow and a guarantee of the reliability of one of the largest sectors of the gambling industry in Kazakhstan.

Within Gaming Congress Kazakhstan, you will hear the speech of Margarita Evgenevna Dolgikh, a deputy director of the National Lottery of Kazakhstan. The speaker has been working in the company since its foundation having headed the department of advertising and marketing for several years. 

Based on her own impressive experience in the largest lottery company in the country, Margarita will talk during her performance at Gaming Congress about the status and prospects of lotteries in Kazakhstan. 

The company currently conducts two types of games: TV Bingo and 25 varieties of instant lotteries. The trading network of the National Lottery covers 153 towns with a total population of 9.8 million people.

According to the report, the average annual turnover of the company is about KZT 2 billion. During 17 years of its operation, the National Lottery has paid for prizes about KZT 16.4 billion. Today, the jackpot being drawn by TV Bingo has reached KZT 25.5 million, which is the biggest prize of all of lotteries in the country.

Like other national lotteries in the world, the primary goal of the company is to finance social projects, in particular contributions to the New Capital Fund and the Pension Fund.

Naturally, this large-scale project requires maximum concentration of all its team members and the constant introduction of new approaches in the management of the organization. These issues will be discussed at Gaming Congress Kazakhstan.

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Prospects for Development of Lotteries in Kazakhstan

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