What is an interactive hall and how do you work with it?

How to start?

In order to start, you should:

  • find room;
  • buy computers;
  • supply Internet;  
  • hire staff.

What should be in the room?

  • computers;
  • cashier;
  • administrator;
  • Internet;
  • furniture.

Interactive room, photo 1 Interactive room, photo 2  

How to install software?

Software can be of two types:

1) boot;
2) flash.

It is necessary to pre-install boot software on each computer, and only then the player can play.

Flash works like a regular web-page, the player simply enters the address of the system and can start playing immediately.

How money can be accepted and winnings paid out?

The player comes close to the cashier, gives him money, and in return receives the code for the game.

Next, the player comes to the computer, inputs the code to enter the game and plays.

Once a player wants to leave, he locks the computer and with the same code comes close to the cashier, who checks the balance of code by means of the admin panel and only after that gives out money to the player.

What the cashier should do?

The task of the cashier is to take money from the players and in return give them the code with the same number of credits.

Cashier should also take the code from the players, check the balance of this code and pay winnings in case of positive balance.

What is the Admin panel?

The Admin panel of the system is a managed reporting system that in real-time mode from any location shows you the balance, the movement of funds, withdrawal, replenishment, reports, settings, and so on. By means of the admin panel you see all the movements of money and all the logs of the system.

There are several levels in the Admin panel:

  • supervisor level
  • cashier level

What are the credits and what are they needed for?

Credit is a product you sell to the player.

Product (credit) issuer is the system.

You buy product from the system for 15% of its actual cost, selling it to the players for the full cost.

What the system takes for itself?

The system takes a percentage of the delta of the incoming money and paid out winnings.

Depending on the system it may be 15-18%.

For example, players made bets for 1 000 000 rubles and won 500,000 rubles.

Difference is 500 000 rubles. If the system works with you on conditions of 15%, then you have to pay 75,000 rubles.

How to choose a system?

It is important when choosing a system:

  1. The number of games. There may be little, but must be present basic games, which give 80% of profit.
  2. The stability of the system. The system must be stable: Do not fall, do not give the error messages.
  3. The system must be free of errors in mathematics, holes and undeclared payments.
  4. The quality of mathematics. Mathematics should be random and distributed, the player should not always win or lose, gains and losses are to be distributed in the period.
  5. Jackpots. To make the game even more exciting, the system should have multi-level jackpots.
  6. Maintenance. The system should have round the clock technical support. If not, then you can "get stuck" in the most unsuitable moment when your players are playing.
  7. Multilevel configuration. The system should have the possibility of different settings: the denomination, max. bets, the percentage of returns, setting of jackpots and so on.

What is it important not to forget?

  • Documentation. Request it from your manager.
  • Tech. It is good to have a man in the room who can help solve technical issues.
  • Reserve Internet.
  • Deposit at the cash desk.
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