Exclusive Interview: Denis Konotop - about platform for e-advertising platform operating via CPA CityAds Media model

In this interview Denis introduces domestic company-developer of platform for online advertising CityAds Media and its services and also tells more about the report he takes to international gaming expo-forum.

1. Tell us about yourself, your professional achievements, the field your company works in.

I have been working in online business for five years. Most of the time I was engaged in attracting borrowers to banks via the Internet, worked with the Sberbank, the Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Probusinessbank and many others.

Every day I sent to banks over 30 000 potential borrowers.

After memorable events that took place last year, the credit market in Russia strongly sank. I decided to diversify business. Choosing a new industry for work I took note of gambling as one of the most high-margin areas of online business. At the same time, CityAds has started to actively develop this field and we decided to combine our efforts and make the best product on gambling market.

CityAds is an international affiliate marketing and performance advertising platform operating via CPA (Cost Per Action). The company started its activities in 2010. Today it is the flagship of domestic performance marketing that has rapidly growing number of partners, advertisers and webmasters. CityAds uses a unique technological system of its own design that has no comparable counterparts in the market. In 2014, to increase the share of mobile traffic, the company has acquired purchased Madnet earlier owned by Tinkoff Digital.

2. Tell us please about the topic of report  you will deliver at the conference. Who is it for, who surely has to visit the conference?

The topic of my report is: "Alternative ways to attract bettors to betting shops via Internet". I am preparing this report specifically for RGW-2015, and the topics to be covered in it are still little known to general public. I'll talk about ways to get large volumes of quality traffic used by a few bookmakers in the CIS, and about methods of work with already available data. My report will be primarily of interest to colleagues who are engaged in traffic in betting shops, poker rooms, casinos, forex and options, as well as managers and executives willing to understand the intricacies of working with sales channel via Internet.

3. Please give your assessments of current state of gambling industry. Your forecasts of its future development.

In the coming years, the industry will actively grow due to mobile segment. For example, more and more people prefer to bet on sports from their phones, instead of looking for the closest betting shop. Companies that will be the first to pay attention to mobile segment will get significant profit.

4. What, in your opinion are the benefits of participation in such a conference as RGW, what would you like to get to know at the conference and why our participants have to attend the show?

RGW is a great event that brings together professionals of gambling industry. This is the place where you can meet colleagues, gain new knowledge and experience. Events of this kind are required to attend for experts of gambling industry, because such events act as the impetus to development of business.

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