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Casino Software Everi: Interactive Slots and Transaction Services

Everi is a corporation based in the US that creates reliable and multifunctional content picks for gamers.

Everi casino software: slots and transactions

Casino software Everi consists of slot machines, payment schemes, branded tournament series and other profitable productions. The software is known for good ability to perform, flexible settings and popularity among gamers.

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Key Information about the Developer

Online casino provider Everi was founded in 2015 as a result of the merger of two gambling companies:

  • Global Cash Access, Inc.;
  • Multimedia Games Inc.

The company is headquartered in Spring Valley, Nevada, and employs 1,400 professionals in programming, testing, web modelling, and maintenance. Michael D. Rumboltz is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

The company's shares are traded on the New York Stock Exchange. At the end of 2021, operating revenue amounted to $600 million.

The provider focuses on three areas:

  1. Production of slot machines. These are Class II ground cabinets (with bingo elements for placement on Indian reservations in the US and Canada) and Class III (traditional slot machines with adjustable bet limits). The company offers platforms for distant casino management and branded tournament systems.
  2. Creation of finance-related devices. These are physical and software solutions that provide secure transactions in the clubs. Clients can launch a casino by the Everi provider along with a proprietary payment system to serve gamers from anywhere in the world.
  3. Development of goods for iGaming-sphere. The Digital division produces two types of online slots — Stepper (vintage machinery with one reel) and Video (mechanisms that possess 3–6 reels). Customers have access to the turnkey casino Everi in a form of a well-thought-out Spark Remote Game Server system.

Features of Gaming Content

The company has released 50+ picks. On the official website, they are ranked depending on the theme, volatility, number of paylines, and functions.

Consider the main advantages of the devices:

Interesting mechanics

Gambling software by Everi contains picks that have five levels of dispersion (from high to low) and 1–50 prize lines.

Single line solutions are grouped into the Stepper category: here are the digital equivalents of classic table examples

Attractive Features

Video slots give the players free spins, re-spins, sticky wilds, progressive jackpots, bonuses, and multipliers.

The signature Reel Match feature randomly spins 2–4 reels until they form a winning combo

Genre diversity

The provider offers slot machines in four themes. These are customs, holidays, the East and American culture.

There are many products with unusual plots in the catalogue. For example, the Riverboat Queen slot tells about a trip on a river ship, and the Star Magic slot is dedicated to astrology

Cross-platform assistance

Casino software Everi was created using the HTML5 programming language. Ready-made solutions are reproduced in all environments and can also be easily used on mobile

Payment Services

Payment software from the Everi provider

The company has 300+ licences for financial services for various operators around the world. Every year, 85+ million exchange transactions worth $22+ billion pass through Everi portals.

Equipment for Gaming Halls

The developer produces high-quality equipment:

  1. ATMs. ATMs can run three types of processes: direct cash withdrawals, debit operations through the built-in POS terminal, and withdrawals by credit card. The equipment accepts personal American Express cards without entering a PIN code (using a contactless method). ATMs have built-in tools for monitoring transactions, remote diagnostics and troubleshooting.
  2. Payment kiosks. Players can pay for chips with cash and withdraw money, conduct debit and credit card transactions, redeem tickets multiple times, and much more. Each kiosk is equipped with two interfaces, a touch screen, a card reader and two bill acceptors. The CXC brand collection includes models with different dimensions and designs (LED backlight, convex screen). VXC kiosks can perform transaction exchanges.

Land-Based Casino Software

The developer offers several universal solutions:

CashClub Platform

The software from the enterprise has a simple interface and wide functionality.

The system processes credit/debit card transactions, collects and stores electronic signatures of gambling hall visitors, and exchanges currencies at a loyal rate. CashClub can be installed on Everi equipment and third-party equipment

CashClub Concierge Program

It is a personalised mobile cash access service. Casino software Everi is customised to the needs of VIP clients and visitors who play in areas with higher limits.

The program is installed on tablets at the tables and gadgets of gamblers and accepts requests for cash delivery on the floors of the casino. Thanks to this, customers do not need to stop the game in order to access the missing funds

CashClub Check Services solution

The program automates the process of accepting and cashing checks, optimising the entrepreneur's operating costs.

The built-in Flex Chex feature provides a 24-hour limit for cashing checks at any Everi kiosk or ATM

Caregiving Module

Convenient platform for donating change from redeemed game vouchers. It is compatible with the CashClub package and can be installed on any equipment

Payment System for the iGaming Industry

Everi's Wallet is a mobile cashless application that seamlessly integrates into a gambling website and synchronises with the client's profile. It is suitable for online casinos, poker rooms, and bookmakers.

Turnkey casino Everi has a wide range of capabilities, which includes the following options:

  • support for various options for replenishment and withdrawal of funds (through credit cards, ACH and ECheck systems, online transaction services);
  • secure storage of credit and debit cards;
  • seamless transition from a mobile casino to a desktop version of the site or a land-based device with saving settings in a personal profile;
  • verification according to the KYC method (Know your customer);
  • preparation of money reports;
  • comprehensive protection against hacks, technical failures and abuse of bonuses.

Gambling software by Everi is approved by the FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation of the US government). The software complies with financial safety standards PCI DSS, that are active worldwide.

How to Launch a Casino by the Everi Provider

Everi turnkey casino: advantages

Spark Remote Game Server is used to deliver branded content to licensed operators.

The main advantages of the gambling system:

High performance

The exchange of information between the physical server and the site occurs automatically.

The platform processes 10+ thousand requests per minute, including payment transactions, gamer verification, game release, and prize determination

Good equipment

The casino comes with a powerful back-office, entertainment catalogue, Everi's Wallet payment system, authentication service and other possibilities

Flexible settings

The admin panel presents tools for managing the gameplay and gambler accounts.

Operators set the size of max- and min-bets, change the RTP level in the casino (12 options ranging from 85% to 98%), start bonus campaigns

Easy Installation

You can launch a casino by the Everi provider for mobile devices and desktop equipment.

The manufacturer provides fast integration and platform customisation thanks to seamless API tools

A Series of Branded Tournaments TournEvent

Everi casino slots for sale are available along with a system of personalised competitions. The solution contributes to better customer retention in player rooms and motivates gamers to aim for more and at higher limits.

The developer holds an annual grand tournament in Las Vegas, which in 2019 broke the Guinness Book record for attendance.

Casino software Everi has some outstanding features:

  • a wide range of tournaments (single, two-week, with a fixed and accumulative prize fund, limited in time, with a starting buy-in, points draw, etc.);
  • 24/7 self-registration and access to VIP tournaments with limited coupons;
  • detailed analytics for active and completed competitions;
  • plot diversity (from traditional tournaments with built-in jackpots to the exclusive Press Your Luck series based on the cult American show);
  • additional promotional tools (loyalty points, badges and achievement tables);
  • easy installation and compatibility with platforms for all casinos.

The Main Things about the Delivery of Branded Solutions

Everi Holdings Inc. develops full-featured gambling products.

  • The company produces land gambling cabinets, technologies, payment equipment and control systems.
  • Interactive slots are produced by the Everi Digital division. It creates dynamic technology with interesting mechanics, attractive features, story diversity and multi-platform availability.
  • Everi casino slots for sale can be obtained together with Spark Remote Game Server. The system is characterised by high performance, good equipment, flexible settings, and easy installation.
  • Everi's Wallet is a payment application for mobile casinos and desktop sites. It offers various options for depositing and withdrawing supplies, secure storage of virtual bank cards, and reporting.

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