Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference: a place where the future is born


Today we witness a rapid increase in demand for blockchain technology, so it’s essential to share experiences. Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference is a major event dedicated to Bitcoin and Blockchain bringing together experts from a wide variety of fields around this topic.

Blockchain will be of interest not only to professionals in the IT field. It is now a tool to build smart contracts, organize auctions, etc.

Who should visit Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference?

  • Entrepreneurs;
  • Investors;
  • Developers;
  • Representatives of payment systems;
  • Lawyers;
  • Financiers and bankers;
  • Founders of startups.

Why do you have to visit Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference?

  • It’s a bright profile event for any visitor to learn a lot of new and exciting information about modern technologies. The pre-registration allows you to get a ticket discount, so hurry up!
  • It’s a great opportunity for any sponsor to build useful business relations and make good investments in an interesting product.
  • It’s a platform for speakers that allows you to talk about your own experiences.
  • It’s a great way for the media to become an official information partner of the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference and draw the attention of the audience to its portal.

Where and when will the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference be held this year?

  • Stockholm - 07.09.2017;
  • Almaty - 28.09.2017;
  • Kiev - 12.10.2017;
  • Moscow - 15-16.10.2017;
  • Malta - 07.12.2017.

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference 2017

Are you thinking about the future? Would you like to be aware of everything that is happening today in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain? Do you want to make a good investment but can't choose the right startup? Do you have anything to say to this world? Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference is opened for everyone.

Hurry up with registration and buying a ticket for this big event. The number of seats is limited!