Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference is a series of thematic events devoted to ICO, cryptocurrencies and blockchain. They will take place in different locations, gathering thousands of interested specialists from all over the world. The official language of the events is English since each convention has international status.

At each event, a gambling exhibition is also planned, at which the most advanced solutions for the cryptocurrency industry will be presented. Among other things, it will be possible to find equipment for mining, payment solutions, cryptocurrency wallets, etc.

The participants of the convention are all those who are somehow connected with cryptocurrencies and related technologies: developers, service providers, gambling businessmen and government officials. Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference is always a great possibility to encounter partnerships, new perspectives and achieve the most relevant information.

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Germany, Berlin

On April 4, in the InterContinental Berlin, a gambling conference dedicated to the evolution of the cryptocurrency market will occur. Experts and participants will have a discussion on topical issues including legislative regulation of the industry, implementation of blockchain in the corporate sector and development forecasts for cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain Conference Russia, Moscow

On April 17-18, in Sokolniki, the seventh convention devoted to cryptocurrencies and blockchain will take place. The previous convention devoted to the topic was the largest in the world, and this year it is going to be even larger.

The two-day conference will include two parts:

  • fintech and regulation;
  • development and marketing.

Each section will feature the best specialists with reports that will affect the evolution of the field, its promotion and use in various areas.

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Prague

On May 17, the Hotel Ambassador Zlata Husa will house a conference on cryptocurrencies and blockchain in the Czech Republic. However, it will cover the local aspects of the evolution of these technologies and global cases, trends and forecasts.

At Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Prague, it will be discussed whether the cryptocurrencies industry is really a hype, together with the possibility of implementing blockchain in various areas from government to health care; and other vital issues for the industry.

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Finland, Helsinki

On May 25, Helsinki will hold a conference dedicated to the introduction and prospects of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. One of the main subjects of the event is the regulatory and legislation of these phenomena in Finland and globally. The subjects of using cryptocurrencies in trade, development of blockchain solutions and the influence of these technologies on changes in the modern world will be covered.

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Australia, Sydney

On May 29, the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Center will host the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference, which will unite leading specialists of the international cryptocurrencies and blockchain markets. The topics of the reports will include cybersecurity with the use of a blockchain, ICO, legislative regulation. Of course, pitching, panel discussions and networking will take place as well.

Blockchain International Show, London

On June 6-7, an exhibition will be held in London. It will bring together the best experts, manufacturers and service providers in the field of the blockchain. This is an event for everyone who is interested in the technology and is looking for the possibility of using it in real life. Among the speakers are the CEO, the founders, lawyers and other involved specialists.

About the organiser

The organiser of the convention series is Smile-Expo, one of the most famous event companies in the CIS. Smile-Expo has chosen for itself two advanced directions of carrying out activities: gambling and modern technologies. Thanks to this, people around the world have an opportunity to take part in specific events, exchange experiences and develop business.

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are the technologies that blew up the world. This is tomorrow that has already come and started to change our lives every day. A visit to the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference event series is a real necessity for everyone who develops IT projects and wants to keep abreast of the most relevant news.